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Sour Diesel CBD Dab Wax 1 Gram 92% - Dabs Dude

$29.99 $49.99

Sour Diesel CBD Dab Wax 1 Gram 92% - Dabs Dude

$29.99 $49.99
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Our CBD concentrates are Pure and only contain two ingredients 

  1. Premium Full spectrum CBD distillate 92% CBD
  2. Real Cannabis Terpenes 

Thats all thats in it. 

❌ Don't be fooled by other companies selling garbage isolate based CBD concentrates. Isolate base products don't contain any THC, or any part of the cannabis plant, other than the CBD. 

Product Details

✅  10-20 Servings per 1 gram container

✅ Glass jar included ( You can dab right out of the jar with a dab straw.)

✅ 3rd Party Lab tested

Why use CBD dab wax?

Simply put dabbing/vaping CBD Concentrates is the most immediate and potent delivery method out there. It's fast acting and you can fell it right away. 

I've never dabbed before. How do I use this product? 

Thats ok if it's your first time dabbing all the expensive dabbing options out there can have you confused. 

All you need is the glass jar we send the dabs in, and a dab straw. You will also need a butane torch lighter to get the tab straw hot enough to vaporize the concentrate. 


To lean more about CBD Dabs, Shatter, and Wax Click Here, and read the bottom of the category page FAQ

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