Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower


Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower

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Never heard of Cherry Blossom? Boy, are you missing out. This temptress of a strain delights with a combination of floral, berry, and fruit fragrances that captivate the olfactories and dance with the senses as the soothing effects of the strain take their course. Absolutely spellbinding, it’s a shame how not a lot of people have discovered the potent experience that Cherry Blossom offers.

Yes, it’s true, Cherry Blossom hasn’t quite reached the peak of popularity. The reason for its muted presence on the hemp scene might just be because of its obscure past. Presently, there isn’t anyone that can tell you for sure where the strain comes from and how it came to be. But one thing is for sure – Cherry Blossom is a strain that isn’t to be taken lightly. 

The Cherry Blossom Lineage

Who bred the strain? What parents did they use? And when did Cherry Blossom first hit the hemp scene? These questions have yet to be answered by anyone in the hemp industry. There are however, a number of speculated parent strains that are said to have contributed to the mysterious descendant’s genetics.

The first is Berry Blossom – a CBD-dominant strain that’s beloved for its mouth-watering berry flavor, laced with delicate hints of fruit and earth. The delectable cultivar bears beautifully colored nugs that are painted with pinks, purples, and blues that streak through a solid backdrop of rich forest and lime green.

The second parent, Cherry Pie, is as delicious as her name makes her sound. The sweet taste of dough and fruit mix together to mimic the taste of your favorite homemade treat. And just like its flavor, the Cherry Pie strain brings with each bowlful a dose of well-deserved energy that perks up the body without overwhelming it.

The third and last speculated parent is none other than Harle Tsu. This CBD strain leans ever so slightly towards the indica side of the spectrum. The hybrid expresses a beautiful blend of terpenes when grown in optimal conditions, paving the way for a blissful experience that calms and relaxes without sedating the system.


Aroma and Appearance

Cherry Blossom showcases what is perhaps one of the most delightful fruity berry-centric aromas among any known hemp variety. Sweet and strong, the cultivar combines the fragrance of cherry and fresh flowers, producing a blend of scents that might make you feel like you’ve just popped open a bottle of sweet perfume.

As you might expect, the Cherry Blossom strain boasts a colorway that’s deserving of her name. The green foreground that encases the nugs envelope the streaks of pink and purple that saturate the interior. Outside, strawberry blonde hairs entangle the nugs, adding both texture and contrast for more dynamic bag appeal.

Altogether, the Cherry Blossom strain demonstrates physical properties that earn her a rightful spot in any retailer’s top-shelf. So, if you’re particularly interested in strains that tout the good-looks and aroma, Cherry Blossom can ease you in with zero effort.


Experience and Effects

Cherry Blossom isn’t a strain for the hasty. The slow-acting herb likes to take its time, gradually taking effect over the course of several minutes. But while most users are likely to take a few more drags in the absence of immediate effects, it would be wise to spare the extra inhalation. When Cherry Blossom’s effects start to take over, the added dosage might make the unrelenting relaxation a little too overpowering for the novice user.

Yes, the strain is likely to leave you feeling unchanged for a while. But once its impact reaches full blown proportions, the overwhelming wave of calm takes over your system. Starting off by taking your limbs captive, the feather-light feeling of relaxation washes away stress and discomfort, giving rise to a floaty, airy feel that’s balanced and calm. And as you drift off into absolute physical release, the strain relieves cognitive distress for a carefree, effortless disposition.

Uplifting and easy, the strain makes the perfect choice for low tolerance users in search of an experience that doesn’t take the body hostage. With a mild feel of couch-lock, this strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones to keep you completely content as you cozy up in your seat and hum yourself a little tune.


Growing and Processing

Cherry Blossom is a hardy plant that grows best in indoor conditions. With a need for warmth and low humidity, the plant thrives in places where you have the ability to tweak and fine-tune the variables to match its unique needs. And because it takes a little longer to reach its flowering phase – around 10 weeks – an indoor containment proves to be ideal to prevent exposure to colder seasons later in the year.

The high yield plant can produce anywhere from 5 to 6 ounces of bud for every foot of its height. You’ll know the plant is ready to be trimmed when the buds release that strong aroma that the herb is best known for. Its rich terpene profile also mean that the strain should showcase a thick white jacket of fuzzy trichomes as they reach maturity.

With its strong flavor, unique genetics, and incredible terpene content, the Cherry Blossom strain has become a popular choice for those interested in producing their own brand of hemp-derived products. The strain’s qualities shine through effortlessly when extracted, giving you the full power of CBD without losing flavor, aroma, or potency.


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